Earn Instant $5 and $50 Commissions Direct to You!

This New Program Sends Out Instant $5 and $50 to Your Paypal Account!

5 Dollar Wonder is an automated digital website marketing system that allows you to earn instant commissions paid straight to your Paypal, Payza or Moneybooker account. There is no limit on the amount of money you can earn, as long as you have paid your $5 monthly membership fee.

5 Dollar Wonder Digital Products
Aside from earning 100% commission by marketing the system, 5 Dollar Wonder gives you access to the following;


  •     38 free digital downloads in different niches that you can resell and make more money. You can view all the digital products here.
  •     Free marketing resources - Learn how to effectively market through Facebook, Group directory, Internet forums and more.
  •     A sample of Facebook ads for those who may want to use paid traffic to market the system.
  •     One on one support system.
  •     14 banner ad spots that are included on your digital website, where visitors can purchase advertising spot, helping you to earn more money.
  •     A long list of marketing resources - where to market your 5 Dollar Wonders System.


  • How 5 Dollar Wonder Works
    To get access to the digital products downloads and the 5 wonder marketing system, you are required to pay a monthly subscription fee or a one time lifetime payment. This is basically the payment for covering the website hosting charges and you are not paying for the website. You get the 5 dollar website for free.

    5 Dollar Wonder Membership Options
    There are two different kind of membership;


  •     Option 1: $5 recurring monthly membership
  •     Option 2: $50 one-time payment, no recurring monthly membership, plus you get the lifetime membership.

You can select any of the two options, depending on what you feel comfortable spending. The second option seems to be much better since you do not have to pay for monthly subscription. However, you can always start with $5 and then upgrade later on.

Whether you are an absolute beginner, have tried and failed or are just looking for somewhere to start, this is without a doubt the perfect opportunity for you.
Want to get paid to copy and paste ads on Facebook or classified websites?  
Want to send your ad to 800 targeted opportunity seekers every 2 days FREE and earn 100% commissions?
Would you like to earn between $10 and $100+ per day, every day?

Think fully automated mini-site, but with one HUGE difference... you get paid daily and monthy!

Take a look at the benefits...


How to Make Money with 5 Dollar Wonder
Making money with 5 Dollar Wonder is by either marketing the system, selling the ad banner spot that is included on your website or selling the free digital downloads. Every time someone signs up through your website and pay for the monthly hosting fee of either $5 or $50, that money is 100% paid straight to your Paypal account via Payspree.

Even if you are paying for a monthly subscription fee of $5 and someone purchases the one time membership for $50, you will earn $50. Remember, this is a $5 monthly recurring subscription fee, which means every month you will receive $5 as long as you and your referrals remain subscribed. As you can see, your monthly residual income can really add up very fast.

 So, to conclude, does the system works? Yes, it works very well and you can see my proof. However, you will need to promote it. Don't just get it and expect to start earning money without promoting it or give up after marketing it for a day or so. Take your time, market it or let your friends know about it and you will start earning a passive monthly income on autopilot like I am doing. Check out the system here for more details.

Get Started Earning 100% Commissions Now!


Get Started Earning 100% Commissions



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